Hard One, Not Done


A commemoration of the 100-Year Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment from an Iowa Perspective

19th ACC Suffrage Wagon Protocol

Reservation Guidelines

  • All requests will use the Suffrage Wagon Schedule Request form and be signed by the requesting organization representative.        
  • Consideration will be given to provide coverage across the state – effort will be made to ensure that a wagon will be available in all four corners of the state.
  • Schedule priority will be given to the 19th ACC committee member organizations. 
  • Usage will be at the discretion of the 19th ACC Suffrage Wagon Committee.
  • If a wagon is at one site longer than one day, it must be kept stored inside at night to prevent vandalism.
  • If a requesting entity is not a 501c3 or a 19th ACC member organization, the rental fee is $1,000. 
  • This rental fee may be waived at the discretion of 19th ACC Wagon Committee.
  • Upon approval of the schedule request, the host organization will sign and return the Suffrage Wagon Memorandum of Understanding.

Wagons will not be available for use until after February 14, 2020, the official kick-off event for 19th ACC.

These dates are giving priority to requests from 19th ACC member organizations:

  • Opening Event at Catt Center, ISU (February 14), Ames
  • Memorial Day (May 25)
  • Musical Premiere – The Suffragist (June 5, 6 & 7), Cedar Falls  
  • Independence Day  weekend  (July 4-5)
  • State Fair Parade Day (Aug. 12-23)
  • Labor Day weekend (Sept 5-7)
  • Clay County Fair in Spencer (Sept. 12 – 20)
  • IWF closing event (Oct 9), Coralville

Community Outreach

Outreach will be extended to organizations other than 19th ACC members to gain exposure of the wagons throughout the state.  The goal is to have a wagon make an appearance in all 99 Iowa counties.

Promotion Materials

A packet of promotional materials (media release, format for any ceremony connected to wagon, talking points that tell the history of the wagon and its role in promoting suffrage) is available for each host organization. 

Organizations are asked to use every effort to help promote the 19th ACC by including the slogan “Hard Won, Not Done” plus the logo on all press releases and social media.  All promotions must include attribution to the 19th ACC as the entity that commissioned both wagons.  Sponsors of the wagon will be listed on a bumper banner attached to each suffrage wagon and included in each press release. 

The 19th ACC website contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions about wagon usage, the Wagon Schedule Request Form and the Wagon Usage Protocol.