Hard One, Not Done


A commemoration of the 100-Year Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment from an Iowa Perspective


The commemoration committee, in partnership with the Information Technology - Client Services Webteam at the University of Northern Iowa, built and maintains a website designed to serve as the central platform to share information and materials, to feature event dates and locations, and to stimulate a statewide conversation about the past, present, and future roles of women in our democracy. This website, launched in January of 2019, has a unique web address (URL) and is accessible to anyone wishing to share or find information, materials, or events related to the 19th Amendment and its centennial commemoration.

Target Audience: Groups, organizations, and institutions are invited to share information, materials, and events here and anyone with access to the internet will be able to visit the site.

Lead Organizer(s): Sasha Wohlpart