Hard One, Not Done


A commemoration of the 100-Year Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment from an Iowa Perspective

Centennial Gala

Thursday, August 27, 2020 - 6:00pm
Thursday, August 27, 2020 - 9:00pm

The evening will include a Gala dinner, a historical play, the gallery of 19 "suffragist" portraits by artist Mary Kline Misol and a special speaker. More details forthcoming.  Sponsorship and ticket information can be found at: https://my.lwv.org/iowa/metropolitan-des-moines/2020-centennial.

The River Center
340 SW 3rd
Des Moines
Intended Audience: 
Men and women from adolescence to elderly
Contact Name: 
Teresa Bomhoff
Contact Email: 
LWV Metropolitan Des Moines