Hard One, Not Done


A commemoration of the 100-Year Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment from an Iowa Perspective

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Hard One, Not Done


Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust, Muscatine, IA

CUNA Mutual Group, Waverly, IA

The Gallagher Family Foundation, Waterloo, IA

Honorable Jean Lloyd-Jones, Iowa City, IA

The Stanley Foundation, Muscatine, IA

United Fire Group Foundation, Cedar Rapids, IA


  • Sasha Wohlpart, 19th Amendment Centennial Committee Liaison, UNI
  • Dianne Bystrom, former director, Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women in Politics, ISU
  • Karen Kedrowski, director, Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women in Politics, ISU
  • Jennifer Cooley, Education and Outreach Manager, State Historical Museum IA
  • Kristen Corey, Office of the Status of Women, Iowa Dept of Human Resources
  • Stefanie Rosenberg Wager, Social Studies Consultant, Iowa Dept of Education
University of Northern Iowa Information Technology Team
  • Marty Mark, Chief Information Officer
  • Dewayne Purdy, Electronic Communication Manager
  • Sanjin Rosic, Web Developer
  • Tony Rath, Manager/Web and Business Information Systems
  • Kevan Forest, Director IT Administrative Information Systems
  • Ben Arnold, Director, IT Client Services
Rebecca Furlong, St. Ambrose University & Education Graduate Students
  • Douglas Bodeen
  • Lance Bowrey
  • Victoria Boyle
  • Collin Daniels
  • Melissa Deuer
  • Megan Doty
  • Kory Esbaum
  • Bill Goble
  • Leesa Haeffner
  • Tera Impens
  • Abbi Lievens
  • Summer Pearson
  • Jessica Rooks
  • Tony Runkle
  • Heather Sturtz
  • Rachel Truelsen
  • Megan Wachendorf
  • Anthony Wittemeyer
  • Erin Woods
Iowa Educators - Readers, Editors, Advisors:
  • Amy Akers, Ankeny
  • John Burkle, Iowa City
  • Julie Blevins, Ankeny
  • Kathy Cooper, Ankeny
  • Ben Corrigan, Louisa-Muscatine
  • Amber Davison, Des Moines
  • Michael Dickinson, Louisa-Muscatine
  • Brad Edmondsen, Ankeny
  • Jennifer Paulsen, Cedar Falls - Design
  • Canada Snyder, Des Moines
  • Kathy Degner, Muscatine
19th Amendment Centennial Curriculum Organizers
  • Judy Dirks, LWV Metro Des Moines, Educator
  • Sue Johannsen, LWV Muscatine County, Educator