Hard One, Not Done


A commemoration of the 100-Year Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment from an Iowa Perspective


A new musical with book and lyrics by Cavan Hallman (Cedar Rapids playwright) and music by Nancy Hill Cobb (Professor of Music at the University of Northern Iowa), is scheduled for July 16, 17 & 18, 2021 at the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The musical chronicles the final push for women’s suffrage by iconic leaders Alice Paul, Carrie Chapman Catt, Lucy Burns, Anna Howard Shaw and others. The musical brings to life not only the parades, rallies and protests these revolutionary activists used to advance their cause but also the intimate human aspects of their struggle. This essential piece of American history demands to be shared artistically on a large scale, both entertaining and educating audiences about a distant moment in our nation’s story that resonates all too clearly today, as women continue their struggle for equality.

For more information, click here: http://suffragistmusical.com/

Lead Organizer(s): Nancy Hill Cobb, Professor of Music, UNI