Hard One, Not Done


A commemoration of the 100-Year Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment from an Iowa Perspective


The suffrage wagon replicas are still available by request on a first come, first serve basis. We have extended event appearances into 2021, so submit your request below to have a suffrage wagon replica at your event!


Two replicas of the 19th Amendment Suffrage Wagon, used by Lucy Stone during the 1913-1920 time period for rallies to support women’s right to vote and housed at the USA Smithsonian National Museum of American History, are available for public usage.  One replica has been retrofitted for city, county and Iowa State Fair parade usage and the other replica is for display purposes at libraries, schools, art museums, history museums and businesses. 


Lead Organizer(s): Cheryl Erb, President – National 19th Amendment Society/Carrie’s Girlhood Home & Museum, Charles City, and Mary Ellen Miller, Board Secretary, 50-50 in 2020

Suffrage Wagon

Project Sponsors

EMC Insurance Companies
The McIntyre Foundation
G. David Hurd and Trudy Hurd Fund


19th Amendment Centennial Commemoration
Suffrage Wagon Schedule Request

Local sponsors will be required to sign and return the Memorandum of Understanding which details usage parameters.  There is no fee to use the wagon for 19th ACC Committee member organizations.

Once the schedule request is approved, a Media Kit will be provided to help with promotion of your event along with 19th Amendment/Suffrage Wagon Info Cards for distribution at your event.  Vinyl Parade Banners and poles come with the wagon.

If you have questions, contact Suffrage Wagon Coordinator Melissa Gesing:



Parade Wagon

Dimensions:   Height : 6' 9"   Length:  10' 6"  Wheel Base:  5’ 1”

This wagon fits most standard covered trailers and has a tongue which will fit a 2" ball bumper hitch.  Note:  these wheels have rubber rims.


Parade 4
Parade 1


Parade 3

Display Wagon

Dimensions:   Height  7’ 9”   Length:  9’ ( w pole 12’ 5”) Width:   5’ 7”

This wagon is taller than most conventional doors/covered trailers but it is light weight and the wheels can be easily removed to make it fit.  It can then be moved with floor dollies; it has a handle (pole instead of a tongue) to move it about.  Note:  these wheels have metal rims.


Display 2

Display 3

Display 1

Suffrage Wagon Schedule Request Form